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Current Events: Over Population and Climate Change The problem of overpopulation and climate change has plagued the world because of our continuing desire for more energy without trying to find more alternative ways to produce energy efficiently. Because of economic growth and population growth the greenhouse emissions have sprung up largely. The Population has increased 86 percent since the 1970s and the emissions have increased 107 percent. The low emissions energy means are merely slowing down the rapid growth of dependence on fossil fuels. The United Nations and research groups never talk about population growth as a contributing global warming factor. There is really no way to control population growth. And finding a way to control global carbon emissions is extremely difficult. There is no way of regulating the amount of emissions that a country can have because some countries are rapidly industrializing. Putting a cap on the amount of
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Unformatted text preview: carbon that a country is allowed to produce would also limit economic growth until other low emission energy means are found. Westing says that the level of emissions cannot be based off the current amounts being discharged by industrialized and rapidly industrializing nations and neither can it be based off the population because this will encourage further population growth and will reward over populated countries. The best way, according to Westing, is to use energy efficient devices to lower the amount of carbon output and through international agreements, a cap-and-trade scheme. The cap-and-trade approach would include a leasing way of reducing carbon emissions. The more industrialized countries could lease the amount of carbon emissions from less industrialized countries.
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