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Current Events10 - in nearly all of industrialized nations...

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Current Events: One Classroom, from Sea to Shining Sea The US education system is failing because of old traditions that have been in place since the Colonial era. Schooling was decentralized during the era and states and local governments had control of the schools. This is not suited for a nation trying to compete in the global market. The government tried to fix this with the No Child Left Behind law during former President Bush’s term. Now Obama wants to make some heavy changes to the law. The new proposals put forth by the Obama administration will not make the needed changes to the education system already in place. The government needs to put education in federal control. Nationwide standards for education are needed in order for American students to compete in the global market. Nationwide testing have to be based on a curriculum created by experts in the subjects taught. This is how public education is done
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Unformatted text preview: in nearly all of industrialized nations throughout Europe and Asia. Many states are making bad decisions because of the board members that lack any expertise in the subjects. First science classes were being watered down and not having emphasis on subjects that all science students should thoroughly about. Now their attention is being turned to Social studies where the schools are deciding to not teach certain history that is important to the United States. The federal government must invest more in teacher training. Many of the tehachers that are in our public schools are not fully equipped to teach their subject. Because of this education standards are falling. The government must invest in a way to identify outstanding teaching candidates rather than penalizing teachers that fail further down the road.
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Current Events10 - in nearly all of industrialized nations...

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