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Current Events: Congress OKs Final Changes to Healthcare Overhaul Congress recently approved a package of final changes to the healthcare bill. The bill was passed through reconciliation where the senate only needed 51 votes to pass the bill instead of 60. This gave the Obama administration a new way to pass bills that would have otherwise not gone through because of not getting enough votes. Many backers of public insurance option are saying that they will work to see that the public-option will be added into the bill. This will have to be done through reconciliation. Because of the bill passing the Obama administration does not have to worry about the bill being turned down in the senate if he had added public-option. Obama will add that into the bill if this gets passed. In order for this to pass there must be heavy pressure from the President if this is to be added into
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Unformatted text preview: the bill. Obama said in his speech that this was a historic step toward ensuring that everyone gets healthcare coverage in the country. At the moment the healthcare companies will get a huge amount of new customers because everyone is forced to take healthcare. While the Democrats were celebrating, a Republican senator took the floor and spoke against the unemployment benefits being extended. Because of this the unemployment extension was blocked and many people are in a tough situation because of what happened on the senate floor. The Democrats are saying that when they get back from their two week recess they are going to extend unemployment benefits.
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