Nucleophiles - 3 ) 3 P SH C N I (CH 3 ) 2 NH You can...

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Relative Nucleophilicity in polar solvents Nucleophiles There are a number of methods of classifying nucleophilic ability. See the notes for general trends. The following lists give examples of relative nucleophilicity. Note that nucleophilic ability will change slightly from reaction to reaction, as mechanism changes and as the structure of the electrophile changes. SH CN > > I > OH > NNN > Br > O O > Cl > H 2 O Strong Nucleophiles (CH
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Unformatted text preview: 3 ) 3 P SH C N I (CH 3 ) 2 NH You can classify related compounds in each series. For example, OH-is a strong nucleophile, as are other alkoxides such as CH 3 O-. Be sure to consider all factors when deciding nucleophilicity. Although CH 3 O-is a stong nucleophile, (CH 3 ) 3 CO-is not because of hindrance. "Medium" Nucleophiles Br NH 3 Cl OH (CH 3 ) 3 N Weak Nucleophiles O O H 2 O F...
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