sample2 - CHEMISTRY 65.2204/6/8 . TEST #2 Name: (MARKS) ' ....

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Unformatted text preview: CHEMISTRY 65.2204/6/8 . TEST #2 Name: (MARKS) ' . _ 1. FOR EACH OF THE MOLECULES SHOWN BELOW, ASSIGN THE FUNCTIONAL GROUP ALSO GIVE THE CORRECT NAME. (5) o 0 H \NJK _ eozkoe HJKBI g/KOXH FacYOH I 2:. EXPLAIN ‘SOME OF THE DIFFICULTIES ONE MIGHT ENCOUNTER WHEN USING ACETIC ACID AS A RECRYSTALLIZATION SOLVENT (CONSIDER MP, VOLATILITY, WATER SOLUBILITY). (1) b. I Why is the Boiling Point of Methyl Esters iower man that of the corresponcing _ Carboxylic acids. " - - (1) 3a. SHOW THE REAGENTS NECESSARY FOR EACH REACHON: (8 marks) ‘ T 0 0 $0 —‘++ \JLNH-z O =<H HJLOJK b. SHOW THE STARTING MATERIAL WHICH WOULD LEAD TO THE PRODUCTS SHOWN: (8 marks) ' 0 0 0 )L OJK O <>o+ H50" 0 W 0H Heat 0 Mon +002 3c. 43. SHOW THE EXPECTED PRODUCT OF THE FOLLOWING REACTIONS: (8 marks) 0 ° 1. Naost; 2. Ed OEt I 2510); “2° ———._’_ CH3I excess —-——._-, OH, 1 equw. UM V O Q”, 0 Use your knowledge of RESONANCE STABILIZATION to show why CARBOXYLIC ACIDS are more acidic than ALCOHOLS. What are the relevant pKa values for these two types of proton donors (5 MECHANISM: Draw a reaction mechanism for the acid catalyzed HYDROLYSIS of an amide. Show clearly all intermediates and use curly arrows to designate the flow of electrons. (8 marks) 0 0 JL H20 .H*' JL + NH4+ H NH; H 0H / \ SYNTHESIS: Beginning with the appropriate carbonyl compound you require, show how you would synthesize the following molecules by forming a C-C bond at the site indicated (6 marks). °/ 0 A/UK ...
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sample2 - CHEMISTRY 65.2204/6/8 . TEST #2 Name: (MARKS) ' ....

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