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BIO1140 – Lab2: Red Blood Cell Report Report content (3 pages, typed then printed): 1-Title page 2- One Table 3-Analysis page Details: Page 1 -Title Page See example in lab manual. Page 2 -The table: Data to include in the table (for both blood types): - Class average (+/- standard error) time of hemolysis for all 9 solutions tested - Your own measurements (5 solutions) Solutions must be grouped by family of molecules then sorted by time of hemolysis within categories (at least for one blood type). Each group of solutions should be separated by horizontal space The table should consist of: - A caption located above the table - Column and Row headings - Body of the table (the data itself) - Footnotes Read carefully appendix II at the end of the lab manual for detailed instructions about how to build a table. Page 3 – Summary and Interpretation One paragraph (maximum length one page: line spacing 1.5, times or equivalent 12pts)
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Unformatted text preview: including: - A ranking (from fastest to slowest) of solutions for each blood type. - A list of factors that affect the rate of penetration of the substances tested and how they relate to the solutions tested. - A comparison between blood types using the collected data. - A comparison between your personal data the class data. The 3 pages should be stapled together and handed in the document drop-off room on due date (one week after your lab). Combined class data will be available as a PDF file by noon the day following your lab in the lab2 page of the Lab Website ( ). You will receive your corrected Report during lab3, together with the microscopy quiz. Beware of plagiarism: do not hand in a report (even partially) identical to your lab partner or another student....
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