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EE 477L Homework 1 Solutions Spring ’09 ● Nazarian Lecture 9:30 Assigned: Friday January 23, 2009 Due: Tuesday Feb 3, 2009 in class 1. What are the advantages of MOSFET over BJT? (name at least 3) In BiCMOS technology both BJT and MOS are used in the design. What strength in BJT makes BiCMOS design favorable? Answer: MOS occupies smaller silicon area than BJT and has less fabrication steps. It also consumes less power. 2. Voltage scaling is considered as one of the most important means of power reduction in modern VLSI design. The following table from ITRS shows the power supply voltage scales down with the downscaling of technology, however, the maximum power dissipation increases. How do you explain this trend? Answer: Although supply voltage down scaling would result in lower power, however the chip size and the number of transistors have increased, that means overall there is more power consumption based on having more logic. We will see later that leakage 1
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current can increase with smaller geometries, therefore another reason for higher power consumption is the increase in leakage power. 3. As the technology scales down, logic gates become faster mainly due to their smaller size. We expect to see faster interconnect as well. The following figure shows that local interconnect
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ee477_hw1_solutions_spring2009 - EE 477L Homework 1...

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