Effects of Religion

Effects of Religion - Running head: DORENA BRADLEY 1...

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Running head: DORENA BRADLEY 1 Effects of Religion Dorena Bradley HUM 130 July 8, 2010 Dr Darin
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DORENA BRADLEY 2 Effects of Religion The effects of religion throughout the world today past and present will affect our future. Former president Bush admitted that his crusade against the people of Iraq was diligent upon his way of thinking that God told him to go invade the country.( House speaker’s press Whitehouse pg 3) Then you have our current President Obama who also thinks in a God given stance: however, when turned around for the other countries to take a stance the Muslim way is seen in how to do life’s events in their country. Another example Thursday, February 11, 2010 Oprah, Religious Life, and REAL LIFE Oprah host the Sisters of Mary Mother of The Eucharist, this show may very well have change the life of many, Then you have Refugees – people who fear harm or persecution in their home country – can ask for a form of protection known as "asylum" after arriving in the United States. Asylum-
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Effects of Religion - Running head: DORENA BRADLEY 1...

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