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GGR305H1S – 2009/2010 1 GGR305H1S – Biogeography Course Outline – 2009/2010 University of Toronto Department of Geography Instructor Prof Sarah Finkelstein Rm 207A, Physical Geography Building (45 St George Street) Email: [email protected] Office hours: Wednesdays, 1-3 PM Course Website GGR305 uses Blackboard for its course website. Using your UTORid and password, login at: http://portal.utoronto.ca Course description This lecture course examines patterns and processes in plant and animal distributions through space and time. Topics covered include ecological and evolutionary dynamics, disturbance, dispersal, migration, continental drift, paleoenvironments and island biogeography. We will also examine terrestrial and marine biomes, microbial ecosystems and address recent biogeographic changes associated with human impact. Course Objectives Upon completion of this course, students will gain competencies in the following areas: ± Identifying patterns of species distributions at global, regional and local scales ± Explaining the roles of environmental, ecological and historical factors in these distributions ± Quantitative and spatial reasoning through analysis of data, graphs, maps ± Data handling (basic manipulation, plotting, analysis) ± Effective writing and critical analysis of scientific literature ± By the end of the course, students will have gained a new appreciation for the underlying processes that explain biodiversity Lectures Lectures will be held Tuesday mornings, 10-12, in MP137 . Lecture slides will be posted on the course website. Note that these notes are not a substitute for coming to class. They are very general outlines only and do not contain all of the lecture content. In-class activities and discussions will enhance your understanding of the material. Assignments and Evaluation Assignment 1 15% (due Jan 26, in class) Assignment 2 20% (due Mar 23, in class) Mid-term exam 25% (Feb 9, 10AM – 12PM, in EX300 (not MP137). **No make-ups) Final exam 40% (During regular exam period) Required text and readings Cox, C.B. and Moore, P.D. 2005. Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach, 7 th edition. Blackwell. Available at UofT bookstore and on reserve at Gerstein Library.
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GGR305H1S – 2009/2010 2 Additional required articles or book excerpts are assigned for selected weeks. Most of these articles are available electronically through the UofT library system. Search for the required journal. If not, they will be supplied as .pdf files on the course website (Blackboard). Weekly lecture topics
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2010-GGR305-winter-Finkelstein - GGR305H1S 2009/2010...

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