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Chm 139 Chapter Notes pg.2 - atomic mass= is the calculated...

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atomic mass = is the calculated average of the atoms naturally occurring isotopes according to their percentage Unit for atomic number is amu.`1 amu= 1.660539*10^-24 g Chemical compound- pure substance formed when 2 or more elements combine changing the chemical properties into something new via a chemical reaction. mixture- no chemical reaction occurs, substances are just blended. Electrons- in a reaction, it is them that form chemical bonds. Covalent bonds- usually between 2 non metals. Ionic bond- usually between metal and non-metal is a transfer of electrons, not a sharing of electrons like in covalent bonds. Polyatomic ions: charged covalently bonded molecules. Acid- provides a H+ (proton) when dissolved in water Base- substance that provides an OH- (hydroxide ion) when dissolved in water. Binary compounds- compounds made up only of 2 elements. Oxoanions - an atom of a given element is combined with different numbers of oxygen atoms.
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