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CheckPoint Observations - young adult However I do not...

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In my life I have used the scientific process of unsystematic process, building theories, and evaluating propositions to better understand the complexity of my personality. I am 22 years old and I have recently discovered that my personality is going through some changes and I am having difficulty trying to adjust to the changes. In order to adjust I use the three steps of scientific process. For example, I have been extremely emotional where I find myself crying in front of others. This is out of my normal personality because I do not like to let others, unless close family or friends, see me cry. In step one I use the five senses to better understand the emotional part of my personality. It is considered that at my age my personality is going through a change from adolescents to
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Unformatted text preview: young adult. However, I do not believe that the “norm” applies to everyone that is why do things differently like looking at the different my life this can be called context of discovery. In step two I make a theory with the observations I made in step one. The theory I can make about me being so emotional is because I am grieving. I just recently lost my father in December of 2009, so that can lead to me being so emotional now. In step three I use the context of justification to justify the theory I made in step two. In step three there is no there is no wild speculation like in step one and two, step three is useful to determine the truth of the theories I developed in step two....
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