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PSY_230_Appendix_B - of personality • 1986 Personality...

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Axia College Material Appendix B History Matrix Directions : Using the matrix, list at least five events or major concepts from each of the three periods in the history of modern personality psychology . 1930 - 1950 1950 - 1970 1970 - Present Example: * Learning from animal responses. 1932- First issue of the journal Character and Personality was published. 1937- Allport viewed personality psychology as the study of the individual person. 1930- Psychology mainly focused on reflexes, stimuli, and discrete responses which is the basic behavior of molecular elements of organism behavior. 1930- American psychology Example: * Specialized psychology departments. 1955- Kelly’s cognitive theory of personal constructs. 1950- Erikson’s psychosocial theory of personality development and various derivatives of American behaviorism and social learning theory. 1957- Hall and Lindzey personality Example: * The Big Five model. 1970- The trait versus situation debate preoccupied the field
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Unformatted text preview: of personality. • 1986- Personality researchers have refined new methodologies for the scientific study of persons. • A renewed interest in integrative personality theory. • There was doubt looked for universal laws that applied to all organisms. • 1938- Murray’s personological system. textbooks organized by dividing the systems into psychoanalytic and psychosocial theories etc. • After World War II psychology departments grew and became more specialized. • The United States increased federal funding to support personality research in laboratories and field settings. concerning the legitimacy and worth of personality studies but soon evolved by the mid-1980s into a broad sense of renewal and revitalization. • 1973- Mischel’s argued against explanations of human behavior based on internal personality traits and favored explanations that focused on the situational and cognitive/social learning determinants as behavior....
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PSY_230_Appendix_B - of personality • 1986 Personality...

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