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Week 9 Capstone - interest in wanting to be in management...

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Week 9 Capstone I have been thinking about my career path and what interest me most are business specifically in management or even accounting. I started getting my degree because like some have said here a lot of management jobs require a degree. As for accounting I do love math and all business need accountants. Though out this class I have been given more of an insight to how business work and are ran some. This will help me with any management job and even as an accountant. As I advance in my degrees this will allow me to advance in the job world no matter what I choice to do. This course has also increased my
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Unformatted text preview: interest in wanting to be in management or accounting. I have enjoyed this class and interacting with all my classmates. They have thought me a lot and also to get me to look outside the box for answers. Also they have showed me there is a lot more to business then what I came into this class with. I would like to thank everyone for the help in improving myself and advancing in the class. I look forward to seeing just where my career path will end up in the business world....
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