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Week 5 DQ 1& 2 - leader was great she would always...

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Week 5 DQ 1 After thinking about all the different jobs I have had and the different ways that information was passed along, I found that Face-to-Face Meetings work the best. You are able to sit down with the person and talk everything out and about to see how the person reacts to things as well. Also I do not know if it is just me but I know that sometimes I have a hard time putting what I want to say or ask down on paper to get the point I want across. Next I would also agree that Telephone Conversations would be next just due to the fact that you are able to hear the person’s voice and it is almost like being Face-to-Face. You can still hear the tone in their voice. As for the least effective ones I agree with the reading that, "Letters, memos, and e-mail are best suited to convey the details, factual information that requires time and effort to digest and act upon." DQ 2 After thinking back to my different jobs I picked the time I worked at AFINI (customer services for Verizon Wireless). My team of Customer Services Representative had very good numbers. Our team
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Unformatted text preview: leader was great she would always make sure we had the most up to date information on rate plans and new equipment that would come out to better help our customers. Here the "Be-irreplaceable tactic" comes into play. After about a year working for her she decides to quit and go into business for herself. We all wished her luck and were going to do our best to keep up our numbers. Our new team leader acted nice at first but things changed real fast. He did not seem to care about helping out the team or even doing his job at all. Almost every time we needed him to take a call for help with information we could not find he was not there, but outside smoking. Due to this our numbers went down fast and we were hurting very much. We tried our best to get our numbers up but in the end we needed our team leader to get in there and act like a team leader. All of this happened due to us losing our old team leader which falls under the "Be-irreplaceable tactic"....
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