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Week 4 Assignment SWOT Analysis - SWOTAnalysis1 SWOT...

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SWOT Analysis 1 SWOT Analysis Axia College of University of Phoenix
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SWOT Analysis 2 JavaNet Internet Café’s business plan does not specify if the manager Mr. Cale Bruckner has any business experience. The investors will not have any management control so the business will be run by Mr. Cale Bruckner and his knowledgeable employees. The business model is very simple with the service being just simple. The marketing is not aggressive enough to attract customers and to add to its noncompetitive strategy, it makes little sense to aim for novice internet users. That market of people if there is any, will be very small. The majority of people know how to use the internet but teaching others who do not will help and add value. JavaNet Internet Café should aim at working with advanced internet users as well. The employees will be of an asset to the company since they will be highly knowledgeable in case of any technological breakdowns. The company’s financial plan is very well detailed and assures it will be well funded.
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