Week 3 CheckPoint Code of Ethics

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Week 3: CheckPoint: Code of Ethics General Employee Conduct - employees should conduct themselves in a businesslike manner at all times. Drinking, gambling, fighting, swearing, and similar unprofessional activities are strictly prohibited while on the job. Employees must not engage in sexual harassment, or conduct themselves in any way that could be construed as such. Conflicts of Interest - The company expects that employees will perform their duties conscientiously, honestly, and in accordance with the best interests of the company. Employees must not use their position or the knowledge gained as a result of their position for private or personal advantage. Kickbacks and Secret Commissions - Regarding the Agency's business activities, employees may not receive payment or compensation of any kind, except as authorized under the companies remuneration policies. Organization Funds and Other Assets - Employees who have access to Agency funds in any form must follow the prescribed procedures for recording, handling, and protecting money as
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