BUS 210 Week 1 Day 5 - Business Model & Systems

BUS 210 Week 1 Day 5 - Business Model & Systems -...

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CheckPoint: Business Models and Systems There is a local Electrical Servicing Company that I’ve used recently, and their business system consisted of the three main components that all business systems in fact follow. Every business including the Electrical Servicing Company has a business model that has the three components listed below: (1) Business commerce (2) Business occupation (3) Business organization. The business commerce part is the process where goods and services are produced. Since the Electrical Servicing Company that I chose is a service and the goods are built into the service, the exchange of money is between the customer (who pays money) and the Electrical Servicing Technician (who provides the service). Business occupation is the acquired skill set to provide value to others. Electrical
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Unformatted text preview: Servicing is a very skilled occupation and it is considered extremely hard, sometime even impossible to the average person, so in turn people will pay to have someone utilize an Electricians skills. The last component of the business system is the business organization. This particular Electrical Servicing Company is very small since it’s a local establishment. It advertises in the local area and has approximately twelve or fewer employees throughout the entire company. The business organization is the system of task and relationship that coordinate interaction between people so they have a common goal. The Electrical Servicing Company will more than likely have a relationship with its suppliers as it needs tools and such to repair....
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