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PROGRAM part2.1a IMPLICIT NONE REAL:: temp, rh, ws WRITE(*,*) "PLease enter the temperature in degrees Fahrebnheit:" READ(*,*) temp WRITE(*,*) "Please enter the relative humidity as a percentage:" READ(*,*) rh WRITE(*,*) "Please enter the wind speed:" READ(*,*) ws IF(temp<70) THEN WRITE(*,*)"The temperature is too low to crop dust" test= .TRUE. IF(rh<15 .OR. rh>35) THEN
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Unformatted text preview: &amp; specified range.&quot; test= .TRUE. IF(ws&gt;10) THEN WRITE(*,*) &quot;The wind speed is too hight to crop dust.&quot; test= .TRUE. END IF WRITE(*,*) IF(test== .TRUE.) WRITE(*,*) &quot;The conditions are not correct to crop dust.&quot; IF(TEST/= .TRUE.) WRITE(*,*) &quot;The conditions are acceptable to crop dust.&quot; END PROGRAM part2.1a...
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