part1c - WRITE(*,*) "d. Mr. Red" READ(*,*) a2...

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PROGRAM part1c IMPLICIT NONE CHARACTER::a1, a2, a3 WRITE(*,*) "Multiple Choice Quiz" DO WRITE(*,*) "1. What is the value of pi?" WRITE(*,*) "a. 30.000" WRITE(*,*) "b. 3.7698" WRITE(*,*) "c. 3.1597" WRITE(*,*) "d. 3.1415" READ(*,*) a1 IF(a1 == 'd' .OR. a1 == 'D') EXIT END DO DO WRITE(*,*) "1. What is the name of NCSU's mascott?" WRITE(*,*) "a. Corn Hole" WRITE(*,*) "b. Mr. Wuff" WRITE(*,*) "c. Simon Cowell"
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Unformatted text preview: WRITE(*,*) "d. Mr. Red" READ(*,*) a2 IF(a2 == 'b' .OR. a2 == 'B') EXIT END DO DO WRITE(*,*) "1. What room is the CSC112 lab in?" WRITE(*,*) "a. Daniels 305" WRITE(*,*) "b. Daniels 201" WRITE(*,*) "c. Daniels 200" WRITE(*,*) "d. Poe 216" READ(*,*) a3 IF(a3 == 'c' .OR. a3 == 'C') EXIT END DO WRITE(*,*) "You finished the quiz!" END PROGRAM part1c...
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