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Western Civ-Lysistrata

Western Civ-Lysistrata - 3 At first they were offended and...

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Lysistrata 1. Athenian women, as can be seen from the very first page of the play, were expected to stay in the house and tend to their families and domestic life; i.e. bathing children and ordering slaves about (if they had any). However, in other cultures, such as Lacedaemon, women were encouraged to be physically fit by exercising often. 2. A. Micon’s paintings of Athenian vs. Amazons in battle (136) B. Women crying during the festival of Adonis, lover of Aphrodite. (131) C. Women were supposed to lay the dead out for display, similar to a wake. (135)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. At first they were offended and angered by the thought and fact that their women would not sleep with them. Ultimately, they ended the war. 4. Lysistrata uses references to everyday life, both private and public, to discuss the effects of the Peloponnesian War. The characters refer to festivals and the females refer to what their lives were like with their husbands before they went off to war; hence, they want to resume to their old ways, but perhaps with more freedom....
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