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PROGRAM part1c IMPLICIT NONE INTEGER::ierror, i=0 CHARACTER(20):: filename, items WRITE(*,*)"What is the name of the file:" READ(*,*)filename OPEN(UNIT= 20,FILE=filename, STATUS='NEW', ACTION='WRITE', IOSTAT = ierror) IF(ierror/=0) STOP WRITE(20,*) 'GROCERY LIST:' WRITE(20,*) '______________'
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Unformatted text preview: WRITE(*,*)"Enter the items to be purchased, and enter a (.) to stop:" DO i=i+1 READ(*,'(A)') items IF(items=='.') EXIT WRITE(20,'(I2,A,A)')i,'.',items END DO WRITE(*,*)"Your grocery list was stored in the following file:", TRIM(filename) CLOSE(20) END PROGRAM...
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