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PROGRAM part1a IMPLICIT NONE INTEGER::number, result, answer, FACT2 WRITE(*,'(A)',ADVANCE = "NO")"Enter the number which you want to calculate the factorial:" READ(*,*) number IF(number<0)THEN WRITE(*,*)"You did not enter a positive number." STOP END IF WRITE(*,*)"Using recursive funtions:" WRITE(*,*)FACT2(number) WRITE(*,*)"Using recursive subroutine:" CALL FACT1(number,result) WRITE(*,*)result END PROGRAM !Recursive funtion RECURSIVE INTEGER FUNCTION FACT2(number) RESULT(answer)
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Unformatted text preview: IMPLICIT NONE INTEGER, INTENT(IN)::number IF (number==0)THEN answer=1 ELSE answer=number * FACT2(number-1) END IF END FUNCTION FACT2 !subroutine RECURSIVE SUBROUTINE FACT1(number, result) IMPLICIT NONE INTEGER,INTENT(IN)::number INTEGER, INTENT(OUT)::result INTEGER::temp IF(number==0)THEN result=1 ELSE CALL FACT1(number-1, temp) result=number*temp END IF END SUBROUTINE FACT1...
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