Public Policy Midterm 2 Notes

Public Policy Midterm 2 Notes - III. WHO ARE THE POOR? i....

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Emma Sullivan Public Policy Social Welfare Policy I. Three types of income maintenance or income support policies: -social/insurance programs (least controversial) (-Medicare –Social Security) -work/employment programs -public assistance programs (most controversial) (-most controversial –welfare) II. Defining Poverty ABSOLUTE or RELATIVE terms a. Absolute Definition i. Most widely used: Social Security   ADMINISTRATION DEFINITION -poverty standard family of four: one adult and three children 2007 was $21,000 (Census Bureau) ii. CRITICISMS of SSA definition a. Too low (but only cash) b. Ignores regional variation in cost of living iii. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE standard would set poverty threshold  about four thousand dollars higher b. RELATIVE DEFINITION i. Poor=earning less than ½ of U.S. median income ii. Increasing income inequality from 1967 to present
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Unformatted text preview: III. WHO ARE THE POOR? i. Aged: no income, so they are vulnerable ii. Women: get stuck raising kids; cheaper to pay women to stay home and take care of kids, rather than paying for childcare; studies: men with family work harder/women with children cant work as hard iii. Less educated: research suggests that college degrees certifies one as smart: iv. Rural v. Working poor: min. wage (2007-federal MW: $5.85 x 40 hours x 52 weeks=$12,168) (2008 Massachusetts MW= $8.00 x 40 x 52= $16,640) IV. TRENDS BY DEFINITION OF POVERTY 1965 21.3 16.3 15.6 12.1 1968 18.2 13.6 12.8 9.9 1976 21.0 13.1 11.8 6.7 1980 21.9 14.2 13.0 8.0 1983 24.2 16.1 15.2 10.2 1994 25.0 14.6 10.0 1998 24.0 12.7 8.2 2000 18.7 11.3 10.1 8.8 2002 20.0 11.9 10.9 9.4 2003 12.0 8.6 2004 12.7...
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Public Policy Midterm 2 Notes - III. WHO ARE THE POOR? i....

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