quiz_10 - D. Diptheria toxin binds to ribosomal sites and...

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Bio 315 quiz 10 T.A Shafkat Hussain 7 correct=full point, at least 4 right=0.5 credit. Chapter 15 and parts of 16. Answer key will be emailed 1. Most common portal of pathogen entry is A. urogenital tract. B. respiratory tract C. urinary tract. D. G.I tract 2. If someone is said to be infected via parenteral route, the pathogen must have been inroduced via wound . or needle . 3. which molecule/ structure is not involved in pathogen adhesion whatsoever? A. Glycolipid B. Glycocalyx C. Host cell receptor D. Fimbriae. E. Adhesin 4. Interferon are substances produced by host cells against viral attack. 5. Which statement below is true? A. In general endotoxins are proteins and exotoxins are lipids. B. Endotoxins are a part of outer cellular membrane . C. exotoxins only damage extracellular matrix.
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Unformatted text preview: D. Diptheria toxin binds to ribosomal sites and inhibits host cell protein synthesis. 6.For example, If a a patient with a deadly bacterial disease sneezes on a towel and bacteria has been transferred, and another healthy person uses the towel and catches this disease, the towel is called a A. Somite B. Reservoir C. Vector D. fomite 7. Most common reservoir for salomonella poisoning is A. air B. water C. vectors D.food E. soil 8. Zoonoses are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans . 9. Pertaining to westnile disease. ..a mosquito causing this disease can termed as A. animal reservoir. B. fomite C. vector D. a and c E. all of the above. 10. Virulence can be measured from LD50 or ID50 ....
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quiz_10 - D. Diptheria toxin binds to ribosomal sites and...

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