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Rachelle Bleck Bio 315 Quiz #9 Good Luck 1. (t/f) Animal viruses are enveloped. 2. (t/f) DNA viruses carry their genome double stranded 3. (Naked/ Enveloped) do not bud and result in cell lysis. 4. Does a provirus ever leave the DNA? no 5. A ______ host ________________ is an organism that shelters and/or supports the growth of pathogens. 6. ____ Resident flora ____________ is the term used to describe the normal microbiota that establishes permanent residence either inside or on the body surface.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What is a characteristic of a systemic disease? It spreads throughout the body and does not stay in one location such as a local disease 8. Where do nosocomial infections occur? Hospital or other healthcare facilities 9 – 10. Describe opportunistic pathogens. Pathogens that are not normally harmful but may become so under certain conditions...
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