Health 216 Test

Health 216 Test - Health 216 Test #1 Review 22:43...

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Unformatted text preview: Health 216 Test #1 Review 22:43 Components of health Physical : characteristics such as body size and shape, responsiveness & physical fitness Emotional : being able to express emotions when appropriate, controlling them when not. Self- esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, trust & love Social : ability to have a broad social network & satisfying interpersonal relationships with friends, family, & partners Mental : ability to think clearly, reason objectively, analyze, & use brainpower efficiently to meet lifes challenges. Learning from mistakes. Spiritual : having a sense of meaning & purpose in your life Environmental dimensions : appreciation of the external environment & the role individuals play in preserving, protecting, & improving environmental conditions Benefits of being healthy Increase quality and years of healthy life Eliminate health disparities Leading cause of death in the US is cardiovascular disease Factors that influence behavioral change Predisposing : knowledge, beliefs, & attitudes based on life experiences as well as gender, age, race, socioeconomic background o Factors that may predispose us to certain conditions include age, sex, race, income, family background, & access to health care (ex: peers smoke, 80% chance youll smoke) Enabling : skills & abilities, resources available; can be positive or negative o Positive- encourage you to carry through on your intentions to change (gym on campus, no fee, stays open till midnight/ youll go) o Negative- work against your intentions to change (ex: gym 4 mi away, closes at 9pm, $500 membership fee/ stay at home) Reinforcing factors : presence or absence of support, encouragement or discouragement from those around you o Ex: decide to stop smoking & your friends & family continue to smoke, you may be tempted to smoke again o Ex: lose a lot of weight, people notice & comment= want to lose more weight Greatest threat #1 problem/threat is chronic problems Self-efficacy : belief in ones ability to person a task successfully Belief to control how happy or unhappy youll be in your life People are confident that they can succeed, & they approach challenges with a positive attitude More likely to feel a sense of personal control over situations Personality (how its defined): the unique mix of characteristics that distinguish you from others Heredity, environment, culture, & experience influence how each person develops Determines how we react to challenges of life, interpret our feelings, & resolve conflicts...
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Health 216 Test - Health 216 Test #1 Review 22:43...

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