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alex ferrocene - considered successful with a highly...

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Alex Li Ferrocene Post Lab Conclusion: One of the new and green innovations for this lab is the microwave reactor, which uses less heat and chemicals that harm the environment. Unfortunately, in the preparation of Acetyl ferrocene, the percent yield is only 35 %. This mainly has to do with parts of the reagents spilled when transferring from one container to another. Nevertheless, the remaining products are shown to be mostly Acetyl Ferrocene with minor unreacted ferrocene through running a TLC. Furthermore, during the Column Chromatography purification process, no dark colored 1,1-diacetylferrocene was produced. A TLC is then used to isolate test tubes with purer Acetyl Ferrocene products, which are then combined and rotovaped. Through this process, 87.2% products are recovered, showing that the starting material was originally very pure. The MP of 80-82 degrees Celsius also closely follows the Acetyl Ferrocene MP of 81-86 degrees. Thus, this experiment can be
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Unformatted text preview: considered successful with a highly efficient purification process (though the same cannot be said for the reaction process). Overall, the products were collected in 12 test tubes and ran on three TLC plates. Based on the plates, some of the tubes with large amounts of Acetyl Ferrocene are also shown to contain trace amounts of ferrocene, which may have affected the melting point. Questions: 1. Write a detailed mechanism for the generation of the acylium ion (CH 3 CO) + from acetic anhydride and H 3 PO 4 . 2. What is the other product formed in the reaction of acetic anhydride with ferrocene? The reaction of acetic anhydride with ferrocene will produce not only acetyl ferrocene but also di-substituted 1,1-diacetylferrocene. It is darker in color and will not form as much as acetyl ferrocene because acyl is a deactivating group. 3. Show the structure of the intermediate formed in the reaction of ferrocene with the acylium ion....
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alex ferrocene - considered successful with a highly...

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