global warming

global warming - Bryan As the earths surface temperature...

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Bryan As the earth’s surface temperature begins to increase, more and more side effects are presenting themselves. The environment is crumbling yet the human race does not seem to care. The culprit seems to be OUR constant pollution and green house gas emissions, most of which come from developed countries such as America and Australia, and developing countries such as China and India. As a nation representing opportunity and hope, the United States needs to accomplish more in the fight for our planet than the half-hearted Kyoto Protocol or even the more recent Copenhagen Accord. So why then do we stand around while millions are suffering the effects of drought, desertification, and super storms? The current reasoning behind this lack of action is the popular myth that environmental protection severely undercut the economy – causing job loss and increased poverty. Unfortunately, the economic powerhouses of the world also cause the most pollution; thus, the United States, as a world leader, should not only take a stronger stance against pollution but also increase awareness of the benefits of green technology as well as the dangers of the status quo.
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global warming - Bryan As the earths surface temperature...

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