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ABE 2062 Biology for Engineers – Outline Chapters 42 April 2, 2009 CHAPTER 42 42.1 Please define or explain the following terms: gastrovascular cavities, open circulation system, hemolymph, close circulation system, cardiovascular system, arteries, veins, capillaries, capillary beds, atria (atrium), ventricles, single circulation, double circulation, electrocardiogram (ECG), interstitial fluid, CPR, and diaphragm. 42.2 What are the three basic components of a circulation system? 42.3 What is the difference between the open and close circulation system? Which one costs more energy? Why we need a close circulation system? 42.4 Please name the three different vessels in our body. How do you define the arteries and veins? 42.5 Please make sure you can label where is the oxygen rich and carbon dioxide rich area in a single or a double circulation system. Why there are three different double circulation systems in vertebrate (Fig. 42.5)?
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