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Outline Chapter 45

Outline Chapter 45 - propagate through the body and how the...

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ABE 2062 Biology for Engineers – Outline Chapter 45 April 9, 2009 CHAPTER 45 45.1 Please define or explain the following terms: hormone, endocrine system, local regulators, paracrine, autocrine, neurotransmitters, neurohormones, pheromones, epinephrine, diabetes mellitus, hypothalamus, posterior pituitary, and anterior pituitary. 45.2 Please list the different types of secreted signaling molecules and describe their functions (also ref. Fig. 45.2). 45.3 Please classify the hormones by their chemical properties and describe how they can
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Unformatted text preview: propagate through the body and how the cells respond to them (Fig. 45.5)? 45.4 Please make sure that you can understand Fig. 45.8. 45.5 What kind of regulation plays a main role in hormone pathway? 45.6 You need to be able to explain the glucose homeostasis by Fig. 45.12. In addition, you shall be able to describe the two different types of diabetes mellitus. 45.7 Please make sure that you can describe a neurohormone pathway (Fig. 45.16) and a hormone cascade pathway (Fig. 45.18). 45.8 Review Chapter 45 in p. 994-996....
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