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Outline Chapter 47 - processes very briefly(using Fig 47.3...

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ABE 2062 Biology for Engineers – Outline Chapter 47 April 14, 2009 CHAPTER 47 47.1 Please define or explain the following terms: cytoplasmic determinants, cell differentiation, morphogenesis, fertilization, acrosomal reaction, acrosome, fast block to polyspermy, cortical granules, cortical reaction, fertilization envelop, slow block to polyspermy, zona pellucida, cleavage, blastomeres, blastocoel, blastula, yolk, vegetal pole, animal pole, gray crescent, gastrulation, gastrula, germ layers, ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm, invagination, archenteron, blastopore, dorsal lip, involution, organogenesis, notochord, neural tube, neural crest cell, amniotes, and conversion extension. 47.2 What are the four processes for embryonic development? 47.3 The fertilization includes the acrosomal reaction and cortical reaction. These two reaction also contains two polyspermy blocking processes. Please describe these two reactions and two
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Unformatted text preview: processes very briefly (using Fig. 47.3 to understand the reactions and processes). 47.4 What is the role of calcium ion in the fertilization (also see Fig. 47.4)? 47.5 What is the role of zona pellucida? Why mammals don’t have the fast block to polyspermy? 47.6 Can you describe the cell cycle in the process of cleavage? Why the cells form into the blastomeres are much smaller than the original fertilized cells? 47.7 Use Fig. 47.6 and 47.8 to understand blastomeres, blastocoel, blastula 47.8 What happen in the gastrulation? What is the purpose for the process? 47.9 Please carefully study Fig. 47.14 to understand which parts of our body derived from which of the three germ layers? 47.10 Please study Fig. 47.16 to understand the time correspondence of the embryonic development processes. 47.11 Please study Fig. 47.18 to understand the convergent extension. 47.12 Review Chapter 47 in p. 1044-1045....
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