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BME 3406 Course Syllabus Spring 2010 Course Title: Introduction to Biomolecular Engineering Course Content: This survey course covers engineering and analysis of biomolecular function and applications for cell engineering. Topics Include: biomolecular interactions, models for biomolecular pathways, genomic analysis, metabolic engineering and cellular engineering. Objectives: Upon completion of this course, a student should be able to: Describe techniques for analyzing biomolecular interactions and engineering biomolecular function Describe approaches for genomic analysis Derive kinetic models for biomolecular pathways and their dysfunction in disease Develop and analyze approaches for engineering metabolic pathways Describe emerging techniques for engineering cell function Instructor: Tanmay Lele, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering 329 Chemical Engineering Bldg. (CHE) Phone: 392-0317 email: [email protected] Office Hours: TR 1-2 pm TA: Nicholas Linn email : [email protected] Office: CHE 437
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