Leader as a Politician

Leader as a Politician - Leader as a Politician So far weve...

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Leader as a Politician - So far we’ve said org are rational economic animals -goals and objectives-ppl coordinate efforts to maximize profits of firms, orgs are rational, but also POLITICAL animals - Made up of a loose coalition of different stakeholders with different and often conflicting interests o Owners - want return on investment o Customers - high quality, cheap product delivered on time o Snr managers - want control of what’s going o Lwr lvl employees - good wages, fair treatment, high quality of work life o Gov regulators - firms operate consistent with law and constitution - Firms do well when they can keep the various stakeholders satisfied - if not stakeholders leave - Power and politics differentiates which stakeholders have the most say over what objectives, how measured , how distribute resources , hires/promotions , budget sz - Successful leaders know hw to use power and politics - When u choose organization, choosing a type of power dynamics- need to be aware of this - Organizations are rational (need to generate resources to attract stakeholders), once there POLITICAL issues, not rational issues - Power - potential (don’t have to use power to be powerful- more you use the greater tendency you might have to show that u don’t have it) ability to influence others to do things they would not otherwise do o Power is in the eyes of the beholder - believe other has power o Power only exercised when ppl have choices -wide choices - Bases of power (where power comes from) o Motivation- exercise of power
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Leader as a Politician - Leader as a Politician So far weve...

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