Leader as a Developer of Talent

Leader as a Developer of Talent - Leader as a Developer of...

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- Human Resource Management- traditionally- backroom function- to hire ppl into jobs, pay them on time, they get fringe benefits, not strategic or important, - Last 15-20 yrs: (firms face foreign competition, competitive conditions increase): traditional sources of competitive advantage were no longer giving competitive advantage in past (unique product and service, new technology, access to capital/resources) now (reverse engineer product and ship it to be mass produced in lw wage country for cheapness, everyone copies technology, global economy- resources and capital everywhere) - To gain competitive advantages (other firms cant easily copy or easily do) - Where’s left to get competitive advantaged? Human capital (talent, motivation, committed) o Not easy to copy human resource practices, human capital - Firms moving towards a view of human resource management as a way to gain competitive advantage (view it as important) - Corporate strategy : hw firm will use its resources to gain competitive advantage, as environ changes, strategy changes (hw gonna implement strat?) need ppl that will make the strategy work, if you change strategy you change human resources - Human resource strategy: how firm will use human resources to implement corporate strategy (new that this is a focus and a strategy) - Human resource management : policies and practices used to implement human resource strategy - Human resources- select, develop, and retain talent - Human Resource Practices o Selecting the right people - bring in talent (it’s rare) o Training and developing talent - if we are gonna compete on human capital, happening all the time with rate of change of knowledge and technology o Assessing people’s performance - to decide who to develop who to promote into leadership, who needs to get various training and skills, and who to reward, o Rewarding people : reward systems that are performance driven o Union management relations
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Leader as a Developer of Talent - Leader as a Developer of...

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