Exam I 9-24-07

Exam I 9-24-07 - Name _ BISC 104 Exam I (total 100 points,...

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Name ________________________ BISC 104 Exam I (total 100 points, 6 pages ), 1-1:50 P.M., September 24, 2007 Please circle the initials of your TA: AdS SYN ZF Section I. Multiple-Choice (Total 30 points , each correct answer is worth 2 points ). CIRCLE the one best answer for each question. 1. Which of the following federal agencies approves and regulates new drugs for marketing in the US? a) Congress b) NIH c) USDA d) FDA e) Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) 2. Enzymes are polymers of a) amino acids b) fatty acids c) monosaccharides d) RNA e) DNA 3. Male sterility resulting from sperm motility impairment could be attributed to a defect in the sperm’s ____________. a) nucleus b) Golgi apparatus c) microtubules d) actin filaments e) ribosomes 4. Contraction of skeletal muscle is triggered by the release of ______________ ions from the sarcoplasmic reticulum. a) Na + b) K + c) Cl - d) Mg 2+ e) Ca 2+ 5. The ideal solution for pepsin (an enzyme found in the stomach) to function has a pH _______ , and the solution is ________________. a) 2; basic b) 2; acidic c) 9; basic d) 7; acidic e) 7; neutral 6. Na + ions move from the inside to the outside of a neuron via a) simple diffusion through Na + channels b) simple diffusion through the lipid bilayer c) active transport, which does not require ATPs d) active transport, which requires ATPs e) none of the above 7. The ability to maintain a stable internal environment is called a) equilibrium b) osmosis c) transcription d) metabolism e) homeostasis 1
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Exam I 9-24-07 - Name _ BISC 104 Exam I (total 100 points,...

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