Ch.4 Assignment - Define the following terms. 1. 2. 3. 4....

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Define the following terms. 1. public opinion The collected attitudes of citizens concerning a given issue or question. 2. political socialization The complex process by which people acquire their political values. 3. socioeconomic status Position in society, based on a combination of education, occupational status, and income. 4. self-interest principle The implication that people choose what benefits them personally. 5. mass media The means employed in mass communication, often divide3d into print media and broadcast media. 6. newsworthiness The degree to which a news story is important enough to be covered in the mass media. 7. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) An independent federal agency that regulates interstate and international communication by radio, television, telephone, telegraph, cable, and satellite. 8. equal opportunities rule Under the Federal Communications Act of 1934, the requirement that if a broadcast station gives or sells time to a candidate for any public office, it must make available an equal amount of time under the same conditions to all other candidates for that office. 9. reasonable access rule An FCC rule that requires broadcast stations to make their facilities available for the expression of conflicting views or issues by all responsible elements in the community. 10. gatekeepers Media executives, news editors, and prominent reporters who decide which events to report and which elements in those stories to emphasize. 11. horse race journalism Election coverage by the mass media that focuses on which candidate is ahead rather than on national issues. 12. television hypothesis The belief that television is to blame for the low level of citizens’ knowledge about public affairs. 13. political agenda A list of issues that need government attention. Answer as completely as you can.
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Ch.4 Assignment - Define the following terms. 1. 2. 3. 4....

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