Ch.5 Assignment - Define the following terms. 1. terrorism...

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Define the following terms. 1. terrorism Premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience. 2. political participation Actions of private citizens by which thy seek to influence or support government and politics. 3. conventional participation Relatively routine political behavior that uses institutional channels and is acceptable to the dominant culture. 4. unconventional participation Relatively uncommon political behavior that challenges or defines established institutions and dominant norms. 5. direct action Unconventional participation that involves assembling crowds to confront businesses and local governments to demand a hearing. 6. supportive behavior Actions that express allegiance to government and country. 7. influencing behavior Behavior that seeks to modify or reverse government policy to serve political interests. 8. class-action suit A legal action brought by a person or group on behalf of a number of people in similar circumstances. 9. suffrage The right to vote. Also called the franchise. 10. franchise The right to vote. Also called suffrage. 11. progressivism A philosophy of political reform based on the goodness and wisdom of the individual citizen as opposed to special interests and political institutions. 12. direct primary A preliminary election, run by the state government, in which the voters choose each party’s candidates for the general election. 13. recall The process for removing an elected official from office. 14. referendum A direct vote by the people either on a proposed law or on an amendment to the state constitution. 15.
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Ch.5 Assignment - Define the following terms. 1. terrorism...

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