Ch.6 Assignment - Define the following terms. 1. 2. 3. 4....

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Define the following terms. 1. political party An organization that sponsors candidates for political office under the organization’s name. 2. nomination Designation as an official candidate of a political party. 3. political system A set of interrelated institutions that links people with government 4. critical election An election that produces a sharp change in the existing pattern of party loyalties among groups of voters. 5. electoral realignment The change in voting patterns that occurs after a critical election. 6. electoral dealignment A lessening of the importance of party loyalties in voting decisions. 7. two-party system A political system in which two major political parties compete for control of the government. Candidates from a third party have little chance of winning office. 8. majority representation The system by which one office, contested by two or more candidates, is won by the single candidate who collects the most votes. 9. proportional representation The system by which legislative seats are awarded to a party in proportion to the vote that party wins in an election. 10. party identification A voter’s sense of psychological attachment to a party. 11. party platform The statement of policies of a national political party. 12. national convention A gathering of delegates of a single political party from across the country to choose candidates for president and vice president and to adopt a party platform. 13. national committee A committee of a political part composed of party chairpersons and party officials from every state. 14. party conference A meeting to select party leaders and decide committee assignments, held at the beginning of a session of Congress by Republicans or Democrats in each chamber. 15. congressional campaign committee An organization maintained by a political party to raise funds to support its own candidates in congressional elections. 16. party machine A centralized party organization that dominates local politics by controlling election. 17. responsible party government A set of principles formalizing the ideal role of parties in majoritarian democracy. 18. election campaign An organized effort to persuade voters to choose one candidate over others competing for the same office. 19. primary election A preliminary election conducted within a political party to select candidates who will run for public office in a subsequent election. 20. closed primary A primary election in which voters must declare their party affiliation before they are given the primary ballot containing that party’s potential nominees. 21.
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Ch.6 Assignment - Define the following terms. 1. 2. 3. 4....

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