Ch.7 Assignment - Define the following terms 1 2 3 4 5 6 7...

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Define the following terms. 1. interest group An organized group of individuals that seeks to influence public policy. Also called a lobby. 2. lobbyist A representative of an interest group. 3. agenda building The process by which new issues are brought into the public limelight. 4. program monitoring Keeping track of government programs, usually by interest groups. 5. interest group entrepreneur An interest group organizer. 6. free-rider problem The situation in which people benefit from the activities of an organization (such as an interest group) but do not contribute to those activities. 7. trade association An organization that represents firms within a particular industry. 8. political action committees (PACs) An organization that pools campaign contributions from group members and donates those funds to candidates for political office. 9. direct lobbying Attempts to influence a legislator’s vote through personal contact with the legislator. 10. grassroots lobbying Lobbying activities performed by rank-and-file interest group members and would-be members. 11. information campaign An organized effort to gain public backing by bringing a group’s views to public attention. 12. coalition building The banding together of several interest groups for the purpose of lobbying. 13. membership bias The tendency of some sectors of society – especially the wealthy, the highly educated, professionals, and those in business – to organize more readily into interest groups. 14.
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Ch.7 Assignment - Define the following terms 1 2 3 4 5 6 7...

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