Ch.9 Assignment - Define the following terms. 1. veto The...

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Define the following terms. 1. veto The president’s disapproval of any bill or resolution, with the exception of joint resolutions that propose constitutional amendment, that has been passed by both houses of Congress. Congress can override a veto with a two-thirds vote in each house. 2. inherent powers Authority claimed by the president that is not clearly specified in the Constitution. Typically, these powers are inferred from the Constitution. 3. executive orders Presidential directives to the executive branch that create or modify public policies, without the direct approval of Congress. These directives carry the force of law although the Constitutions does not explicitly grant the president the power to issue executive orders. 4. delegation of powers The process by which Congress gives the executive branch the additional authority needed to address new problems. Congress delegates power to the executive branch due to the American public pressuring the national government to solve various problems. 5. Executive Office of the President The president’s executive aides and their staffs; the extended White House executive establishment. The Execute Office encompasses over eighteen hundred individuals. 6. cabinet A group of presidential advisors; the heads of the executive department and other key officials. The cabinet has grown significantly since our nation’s inception and currently includes the Secretaries of Education, HUD, Energy, Labor, State, Commerce, Transportation, HHS, Interior, Justice, Agriculture, Treasury, Homeland Security, Veteran’s Affairs and Defense. 7. divided government The situation in which one party controls the White House and the other controls at least one house of Congress. 8. gridlock A situation in which government is incapable of acting on important issues. Political scientists generally do not believe that divided government produces gridlock. 9. mandate An endorsement by voters. Presidents sometimes argue they have been given a mandate to carry out policy proposals o which they campaigned.
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Ch.9 Assignment - Define the following terms. 1. veto The...

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