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BISC300_Exam1_Fall03_page10 - NamC.—WWM at 9 Let Let Let...

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Unformatted text preview: NamC.—WWM at. 9. Let Let Let Let Fill In 10. What is the role the reaction shown above, ,N (1 pt; no partial credit) $00 (lIOO' III“! HO—C—H NAD‘ +H' $=D H e(|:e H ;\_L_. (‘34 2 600’ C00’ malate oxaloacetate A = Malate B = NAU C = Gxaloacetet D = NADH in the blanks with A. B, C a: D. USU each letter ante. \ a: hu‘r' [ah being reduced to form and E is (1 pt) Circle the letter of the one best answer. of NAD' in the above reaction? A. Coenzyme—Q (E) Cofactor C. CytOChrome D. Flavin E. Prosthetic group 11.(3 pts, 1 pt each) As discussed in class and in methods of making ATP. the text, \7 sunflmle View“ W‘DGCN‘N ‘4" at haw . . l/ 'J .4 12. Of the methods of making ATP listed above, r‘ :flm‘n'rvw \h in (“AMHEXJ‘IW‘W ‘l “\l m (1 pt; no partial credit) yeast is growing by fermentation? 13. of the methods of making ATP listed above, . .-..-‘ ‘.\‘u~‘|‘>' .w- A ,..---v|., -‘ \ .--- -.| (1 pt; no partial credit) transfer system operating in a membrane? r¢1Vifiknx i. - . ., 13‘5““ '._..-.\ ll." "1' is being oxidized to form living things have three general Please list them. They have to be spelled cnrrEctly. which is/are being used if baker’s which involve{s) C D . an electron ...
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