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BISC300_Exam2_Fall02_page4 - BISCJUOL Midterm 2 llfUUZ’...

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Unformatted text preview: BISCJUOL. Midterm 2. llfUUZ’. Susskind's Questions p. 3 MULTIPLE CHOICE: CIRCLE THE} LETTER OF THE ONE: BEST ANSWER 1.2. (1 pt) Which disease is caused by a prien? X Creutzfeldthakob disease b. kuru 6. mad cow disease :1. spanqiform encephalopathy .all of the above 13. (1 pt) which is the smailest nu:Leic~ac1drcontaining infectious agent? a. M13 fl poliovirus / Cc) viroide; L1. TMV . 14. (1 pt] Some viruses carry ready—made enzymes intu the host. In HIV. SuCh an enzymefis a. intagrase ‘ b. protease _l X. 6 reverse transeriptase @111 of the abuve 15. (1 pt) Phage display refers to K (L73) how phages attach to host cells “I b. how phages attract mates 4:. how phages inhibit growth of other phages : plaque hybridization techniques for expressing foreign pro-trains en M13 16. (2 pt) Give an example of a protein that is encoded by a phage gene that is expressed during the Lysuqenic state. Your answer shuuld make clear what the protein does. MW - (Jam—H'g ‘Hr-L Lrl 4; Sal-sf ajifv Wit-é (9..., On 1‘4“. awhile 56 4h» Ca.” (0%) 17. (3 pt) chree types of drugs that are currently used to treat HIV (3 ,7) infection or ‘ DS. The type of drug explains its mechanism of acticm. and 77:1istinguishes it: from other types. X /' 7119"“ fl“! “H’J‘ #V— Ct” war dd 5*3/0 4 Mine. I)“. majhirb flL )(2, m am: W m a“ Man and: TMfar-L 3+? TL. -w~s .9»... AgrLo-L,’ X; The M shew m lament; a; M 9;“: ”Wu MN’”"* 7% 5‘9?» TH. VWb'éfP-w {Dr-4"“; W “Wmlfi LA at“ Livia rail...- .,lt. ...
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