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BISC300_Exam2_Fall02_page8 - BLSCEOOL Midterm 2...

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Unformatted text preview: BLSCEOOL. Midterm 2. 11/4/02. Susskind’s Questions p. b MULTIPLE CHOICE: CIRCLE THE LETTER OF THE ONE BEST ANSWER 24. [1 pt} How do you spell it? ‘/ @ Archa as b. Archeae c. Archeia d. Archiae e. Archiea 25. (2 pt) Write the name of a cellular organism [NOT a virus) that causes meningitis [inflammation of the membranes surrounding the spinal cord and brain}. Your answer must be spelled and formatted correctly in order for you to receive credit. No partial credit will be given. / 26. {1 pt) How many domains of the Tree of Life are eukaryotic? [email protected] b. 2 3 d. E 27. (1 pt) Which of the {allowing would be the BEST evidence that two organisms are related in the sense that they have a recent common ancestor? a. They are both Gram-negative LI, (9. Their 165 rDNA sequences have few nuciaoiide differences. c. They both can use glucose as an energy source. d. Their 165 rDNA sequences hBVe many nucleotide differences. a. Thai: mol % C+G are within 10 of each other. 28. (1 pt] Which statement is FALSE? Tetrahymens a. has be n very, very good :0 Tom Cech rows of cilia for motility has selfrsplicinq introns is pathogenic for humans ‘q. [2 pt) Name TWO spe ‘ ic proteins :ha: are found in all eukaryotas, but :7, .. not prokaryutes. ...
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