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BISC300_Exam2_Fall02_page11 - Name ELM—~57 qu...

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Unformatted text preview: Name ELM—~57 qu: 36)Transcription and its regulation. (5 points) 1 Bacterial RNA polymerase hulocnzyme consists of 4 ”core" promins (CHEF) and one cupy or" what: addiiionul protein? (2 points) Th 517m. frigid“. @ E xfiara @ bi Haw does the transcriptional regulatory activity of Lhis additional pmtein differ from the waxy that eriscriptimmi activators or repressnrs work? (3 points) filial, 0+ iii—Pd"- 7“ PM“ “7"“ ““1 1121?, m WPIVW Ada. EM rL p'miw Mm. mag Cm. :4»ka affix“ cg fly. '9th Mompwsrgcr% 51‘7; “grin '4’“ 0% s-L'L. 35;... A4,, 4; 1L m. r; W\ ...
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