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Unformatted text preview: Name fawn—i [4J5 _ / 39)Archaea (15 poian) u. The Archaic-Ll fall inlet 8 major phe Iypic groups. i , WI‘WM» / flu” r I HJ-LJ/ '05 in. There are significant differences bclwccn thu cell walls. of Arc-hum and Bacteria. Describe these differences. (6 paints) are they"? (3 points) c. Then: are also significant differences between the cell mcmbrunes of " Archaeu. Describe mesa differences. (4 points) mu Wan U/ ( AIS-v l )qf‘ég-u‘. [fwd-L ‘h‘h—wH-ws while fic— fldfl, IIT'IJ. lay-L75“ Swan“ m1! 2.31:»me at, m Mm Bumbag is five“ m» win/L c‘ Since both Archaeu and Bacteria are prukarymcs. why would some untibloucs wnrk for organisms oi'one domain and not the nihtr" Prm-‘ixlc an exam in your response (it can be u genenc exumplc.) (2 poims) 5:2 I ”L w" LL“ {1417 ill-rt. b”: 70> “70:35be 1301+ UL“ 4...,ng m ‘ S, { thulk LL!" In“, [Ht-n4 SO {hf-fl. Qh’JIYunfil'I-‘A W911" An'hn flux.“ 15% 1,“ngin 5%” 1’4““? ”9 m magi [on ”H: B ...
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