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Unformatted text preview: BISCBOOL. MiflLErm 2. 11/3/03. p. 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE: CIRCLE THE LETTER OF THE ONE BEST ANJHER. 1V (6 pts) List the 6 properties that are used to VT. WM Tmme 7 WV!“ or PW“, V/J (arid fimmflui’ vi. (4wa rd M “Wad W n rct‘ii‘mlnuz J|1 arr-Own? H "f-‘IW‘NT J r» .-\ ~ l 3 15. Of‘v-hr-f I; (L5. (r f: Eu. -3 3-? (vi-4m vww'; \/ L I 'I 2. (1 pt; no partial credit) when does AIDS stand for? «(Nimrod lmwme dFVPECIC’VUl‘ E\{V\(‘|VW](' 3. (1 pt) AZT (azidothymidine) is: a. a protease inhibitor b. a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibits: \ v/ (:) a nucieoeide reverse transcriptaee inhibitor H d. none of the above E. all of the above \i d. (1 pt) This picture, which concerns rabies virus, illueraLes the process ‘ called: a. membrane fusion W b. exacytosis LED endocytosis % (:) budding 5. (1 pt) This object my in the hast membrane represente: a. rabies virus trigger b. rabies virus Laii \/ C) rabies virus receptor d. rabies virus piius ...
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