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report worksheet experiment 2 - Unknown #: ___ Molar Mass =...

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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego Important Note : This lab report is a “short” report: The “introduction” and “Experimental” sections of the lab report are not required in this experiment. Please see point breakdown below. CHEM 6BL EXPERIMENT 2 LAB REPORT GRADE SHEET Volumetric Analysis Author: ____________________________ Date: ______________ TA Name/Lab Section No.:___________________ For the purpose of grading the accuracy of your results, report the following results below:
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Unformatted text preview: Unknown #: ___ Molar Mass = ________ pKa = _______ Acid Name = ___________ TA/Grader Only : Graded Components Student Score Prelab Procedure (graded by TA) /5 Prelab Quiz (graded by TA) /5 TA Points- including notebook check (graded by TA) Comments (If applicable): /10 Accuracy /10 Abstract /10 Results Comments (If applicable): /40 Discussion Comments (If applicable): /20 TOTAL SCORE (Max. 100 pts) /100 Constructive Comments (if applicable):...
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