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CHEM 6BL Experiment 5 Lab Report Grade Sheet TA/Grader Only : Graded Components Student Score Prelab Procedure (graded by TA) /10 Prelab Quiz (graded by TA) /5 TA Points (graded by TA) Comments (If applicable): /10 Accuracy /20 Abstract /5 Results (from notebook raw data collected in lab ) /40 Discussion /10 TOTAL SCORE (Max. 100 pts) /100 Constructive Comments (if applicable): Semimicro Qualitative Analysis Author: ____________________________ Date: ______________ TA Name/Lab Section No.:___________________ For the purpose of grading the accuracy of your results, report the following results below:
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Unformatted text preview: Unknown #: ______ Ions present in unknown = _________________________________________ Important Note : This lab report is a short “In-Lab” report: The “Introduction” and “Experimental” sections of the lab report are not required in this experiment. The “Results” section will be graded from the raw data (i.e., data and observations) recorded in your notebook while you work in the laboratory. An “Abstract” and a short “Discussion” must be handwritten (not typed) in your lab notebook. Please see point breakdown below....
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