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Judicial%20Branch%20II - ,confirmedbySenate; ,

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How federal Judges are appointed The Constitution is silent on the matter of qualifications Nominated by president, confirmed by Senate; all federal judges are the same Its nominees have encountered the highest scrutiny As the role of the Court has increased over time, so too has the amount of attention given  to nominees and with this comes greater opposition Nomination: You have to be lucky 1. Competence: expected to have at least some judicial or governmental experience 2. Merit 3. Ideology or policy preferences: seek to appoint individuals who share the same  policy preferences Strict constructivist Loose constructivist 4. Rewards: personal friends of president; most presidents select justices of their own  party 5. Pursuit of political support/Representation: appointment of someone that will help  president win popular support Confirmation by the Senate :  Senate must approve presidential appointments to the SC.
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Simple majority vote needed. Deciding to hear a case
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Judicial%20Branch%20II - ,confirmedbySenate; ,

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