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IT237 Week 1 DQ 2 100% 1. Discussion Questions Define two HTML or XHTML tags. Include the tag names in the subject line of your initial response. Do not duplicate tags presented by a classmate. Provide the syntax of the tag along with its purpose in your definition. As your participation response to a classmate, find your classmate’s tag in a Web site. Include in your response the URL of the Web site and your opinion regarding what it was intended to do for the site. <blockquote> Is a tag the indents both the left and right side of a block of text in order to make it stand out from the normal body of text, this tag is often used within a body of text when a quotation from another source is used. <p>Many people today are using a LAN or Local Area Network between several computers located in their home since family members often share a printer or scanner. If laptops, desktops or a combination of both are in use, it makes sense to use a wireless LAN which uses nothing more than an access point
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Unformatted text preview: and Wi-Fi router in addition to the main modem. <blockquote>”This type of configuration allows for maximum freedom to work from any room in the home or even outside and there is no need to purchase numerous peripherals such as printers and scanners”.</blockquote> Dad can be in the home office working and the kids can be in their rooms all working from the same access point. If the laptops are used, a family member can simply unplug from the electrical connection and carry the laptop anywhere in the house, all without losing the connection.</p> A tag that is probably used more than any other is &nbsp This tag is a hard-space tag, used for inserting extra spaces between words. This tag does not need to be in brackets and can be used in multiples and within text, it just needs to be separated with a semicolon. <p>Big Sale &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; This Weekend</p>...
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